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FIRM HISTORY AND INFORMATION On    February    1,    1972,    William    J.    Lawing    and    Joe    C.    Rowe    formed    the partnership   of   Lawing,   Rowe   &   Company   with   offices   in   the   Medical   Arts Building   in   downtown   Hickory,   North   Carolina.   In   November   of   1973,   the   firm relocated   to   larger   downtown   offices   on   First   Avenue   NE   and   during   July   1983 moved   to   the   present   office   building   at   340   Tenth   Avenue   Drive   NE.   B.   Johns Holland    joined    the    firm    in    1986    and    became    a    partner    in    1995.    Terri    L. Troutman    joined    the    firm    in    1984    and    became    a    partner    in    2000.        On December   31,   2001,   William   J.   Lawing   retired   from   the   firm.   On   October   1, 2004, the firm changed its name to Rowe, Holland & Troutman, PLLC. The   firm   currently   consists   of   eight   people   including   the   three   partners. Four   of   these   are   CPA's   and   the   firm   has   experienced   a   remarkably   low   rate   of turnover   through   the   years.   This   allows   clients   an   ongoing   relationship   with members   of   the   staff.   These   factors   combine   to   provide   clients   with   a   high level of professional knowledge, experience and service. The    firm    is    a    leading    full-service    accounting    firm    for    local    businesses through   continuous,   reliable   and   timely   services   offered   to   a   broad   range   of clientele.   Firm   clientele   consist   principally   of   privately   held   companies   and business   owners   located   in   the   western   half   of   North   Carolina.   The   services rendered   to   clients   include   audit   and   review   opinions   as   well   as   the   issuance of   compilation   reports,   a   complete   range   of   tax   compliance   and   planning services,   bookkeeping   services,   business   valuation   services,   and   management advisory services. Over   the   years,   the   firm   has   attained   a   respectable   position   in   the   local business   community.   In   order   to   promote   firm   growth,   all   members   are   urged to   maintain   a   close   relationship   with   community   affairs,   members   of   the   legal profession,   the   banking   and   financial   community   and   other   members   of   the accounting   profession.      Partners   have   served   on   various   state   committees   of the   North   Carolina   Association   of   CPA's   and   have   held   offices   of   the   local chapter.   In   addition,   non-partner   members   of   the   firm   have   been   actively involved    in    local    and    professional    organizations    holding    various    offices    in each. The   annual   completion   of   40   hours   of   continuing   professional   education   is required   for   the   partners   and   for   all   CPA   members   of   the   firm.   Due   to   size, each     professional     is     required     to     stay     knowledgeable     in     all     areas     of professional   standards   including   auditing   standards   and   generally   accepted accounting   practices.   In   addition,   each   member   must   remain   knowledgeable of   the   most   recent   tax   law   changes   and   the   effect   such   changes   have   on his/her   clients.   The   partners   maintain   an   internal   review   function   and   checks of    all    engagements    are    performed    by    the    firm.    In    addition,    the    firm    is registered   in   the   AICPA's   Peer   Review   Program   and   the   professional   quality   of its accounting product is reviewed every three years by an independent firm. The   firm   remains   committed   to   its   clients   by   investing   in   the   future.   A complete   research   library   of   tax,   audit,   business   valuation   and   accounting literature    are    constantly    being    updated.    The    firm    continually    strives    to enhance    its    ability    to    provide    quality    accounting    services.    The    technical abilities   and   excellence   demonstrated   by   all   personnel   ensure   quality   service is provided to each and every client. Contact   us   at   828-328-2951   or   fillout   our   Contact   Form    and   someone   will contact you within 24hrs.
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